Coaching Philosophy



We are passionate about helping every child to fulfil their potential and this is at the heart of everything we do. The Pezzaz coaching syllabus develops players to a high level in all areas of the game helping them to become complete footballers. Our unique syllabus combines many different coaching techniques from around the world and is packaged together in a coaching environment where children can flourish by expressing themselves and learn from mistakes in a pressure free environment whilst having great fun.

Our unique syllabus took years to research, and complete, and we believe it is the most complete individual training programme in the world! Whether you’re child is part of a team, or simply just loves the game, then our sessions will help them to be the best they can possibly be!

We’ve helped a large amount of children to follow their dreams by signing for professional clubs including rising star, Charlie Webster, for Chelsea FC & England. We have also worked with many current professionals including Liverpool duo Adam Lallana and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Pezzaz 4 Corner Model

Our syllabus has 7 coaching topics throughout the year (5 of which are on the SkillTech Scheme). Within each topic we show the children what moves are possible and then break them down for them to practice and master. The techniques are then practiced as purposeful skills before being able to practice them in small sided matches. The matches are a blank canvas for children to go and express themselves, try things and be creative. It is where they learn what works, what doesn’t and how to make decisions and solve problems. The three stages of ball mastery, skill acquisition and then free play is a very powerful learning environment where all children can flourish.

For children to fulfil their potential, and to flourish at football, then playing for a team simply isn’t enough. A player doesn’t receive enough contact time with the ball and are frequently told what to do which stifles the learning process, creativity and decision making. At Pezzaz we give them all the tools and techniques to excel and then the opportunity to use them for themselves. Our methods build confidence and a growth mindset that children can take into other areas of their lives.

The best players in the world do the basic fundamentals consistently better than everyone else. Pezzaz is about the fundamentals, the basics being done the best they can be, footwork, movement, ball mastery and techniques. Yes there’s some ‘playground’ moves (showboat flicks & tricks) but that’s what keeps the children engaged, builds their confidence, increases their contact time with the ball, encourages creativity and self expression, and all whilst being amazing fun!

Childrens Beliefs


Scientists have concluded that to become elite at anything you need to put in approximately 10,000 hours of purposeful practice. This amounts to roughly 12 hours a week for 16 years (for example a 5 year old to 21 years old). Pezzaz Street Soccer is designed to accelerate this purposeful practice time by subjecting individual players to more purposeful touches of the ball and more match based situations than conventional football coaching. Dedicated players show a rapid improvement using our coaching methods and the “magic” 10,000 hours (and beyond) can be much more achievable.

Charlie Webster