Coaching Philosophy


To create an environment with a culture that allows children to express themselves, be creative and to flourish without a fear of failure in a fun, friendly and creative atmosphere. Delivering a high level coaching programme that gives children “the roots to grow and the wings to fly” for both their personal and football development. A place where children go to improve, develop, and fulfil their individual potential whilst having amazing fun!


We are passionate about helping every child to fulfil their potential and this is at the heart of everything we do. The Pezzaz coaching syllabus develops players to a high level in all areas of the game helping them to become complete footballers. Our unique syllabus combines many different coaching techniques from around the world and is packaged together in a coaching environment where children can flourish.

Our unique syllabus took years to research, and complete, and we believe it is the most complete individual training system in the world!

Our sessions are booked in blocks of six. Each session has a different Player Development Coaching Topic (see below). The children are awarded a medal (certificate for Kick-Start groups) for each one. There are seven topics a year/season so seven medals to collect. Sessions during the summer holiday period are pay-as- you-play and are based on match-play.


Scientists have concluded that to become elite at anything you need to put in approximately 10,000 hours of purposeful practice. This amounts to roughly 12 hours a week for 16 years (for example a 5 year old to 21 years old). Pezzaz Street Soccer is designed to accelerate this purposeful practice time by subjecting individual players to more purposeful touches of the ball and more match based situations than conventional football coaching. Dedicated players show a rapid improvement using our coaching methods and the “magic” 10,000 hours (and beyond) can be much more achievable.

Coaching Philosophy