What makes Pezzaz so unique and why should I send my child there?

  • We are passionate about your child’s individual development.
  • Our unique individual player development coaching syllabus.
  • All children are welcome no matter what their current experience.
  • Our pressure free, fun, creative and innovative coaching environment.
  • Our Medal of Achievement & certificate scheme.
  • Access to our online PlayerZone with helpful advice and training videos.
  • We have worked with Premier league players & internationals.
  • Can be attended for extra training alongside club commitments or on its own.
  • A clear player progression pathway.
  • Endorsed by Southampton FC.
  • Over 15 years of coaching experience.

Is it just flicks and tricks?

No, far from it. The Pezzaz syllabus is a complete training program designed to help children become complete footballers and to fulfil their potential. There is a small element of flicks & tricks, which is not only great fun, but boosts children’s confidence. Confidence is not only one of the most important factors in sport but for life in general as well.

Will it make my child a greedy player?

It will certainly give your child the ability to be greedy if they choose to be! However, even though our coaching syllabus is directed towards individual players, children are taught how to transfer this into team play and to make good decisions. The Pezzaz coaching syllabus is designed to make players so technically good, comfortable with the ball, and confident, that they can easily cope with one and two touch passing football, even in tight areas.

Football is a team game, so why individual training?

Football is a team game but it is played by individuals combining together. The better the individual players are then the better the chance that the team will combine well together. We liken it to learning to play a musical instrument. You couldn’t just give some instruments to some children and ask them to play good music together. They have to spend hours practicing together as well as many hours practicing their instrument individually to master it.

Why is it called street soccer?

It is called street soccer simply to summarise our pressure free ethos of letting children play without fear of failure or of making a mistake. The environment we create is one where children can be creative and express themselves. It is our belief that football is very over coached nowadays. There are lots of teams and soccer schools but their focus tends to be on winning football matches as a team rather than individual personal development, both as footballers, and as people. Friends playing football in the streets, parks and playgrounds has almost completely died out and therefore children are missing out on a vital part of their learning and development. We did a lot of research of players that had become professionals at all levels of the game and they all said that they played some sort of street football. Many cite it as the reason they became such great players.

My child plays for a team. Will he/she be allowed to attend?

Yes absolutely. We have children that attend from many different teams from local grass roots clubs right through to professional teams. We also have children that attend that simply love the coaching and improving whilst playing with friends.

What makes your training different to others?

The Pezzaz coaching syllabus took many years to write and to research. We researched many coaching methods and philosophies from all over the world including Academies and individual professional players. We believe there is no other individual training system as complete as ours anywhere in the world. The main difference is that it is entirely focussed on the individual improvement of each individual child. No child is left behind and every player that attends regularly will improve dramatically. We use specialist footballs in our training and most of the time the children have a ball each working individually to improve their technique, skill, touch, balance, coordination, fast feet, motor skills, movement patterns and confidence. We also train to music to keep a high tempo and to help any moves that require repetitive practice by working to a fast paced rhythm.

If my child does well is there any progression?

Yes, children that excel have a pathway to the Pezzaz Academy with opportunities of progressing to the Academy at Southampton Football Club. Our main aim though is to help all the children to fulfil their own individual potential.

What is the best thing about Pezzaz?

It’s fun, it improves confidence and it rapidly improves players. Where we are not coaching a team to win games each child’s individual development is looked after properly. Our methods help create master technicians that are comfortable with the ball in all areas of the pitch, especially in 1 v 1 situations.

Can you back up what you say?

Yes! We won’t go into too much depth about the research and statistics though. We’ll simply say that six of our players have gone onto sign contracts at professional clubs and our coaching methods have been endorsed by Southampton FC. England internationals, and Premier League players, such as Adam Lallana, Jay Rodriguez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have all used the Pezzaz syllabus as well.

Can anyone join or do the players have to be good?

The beauty of our training program is that anyone can attend. Most of the training is with a ball each and our expert coaches can break individual moves down for inexperienced players to master quickly.